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who is karlotta?
meet the maker

Here at Longarm Magic, we’re serious about Custom ‘Karlotta’ Bags as well as Custom Embroidery, and Longarm Quilting…all things sewn! I’m Karla, and welcome to my website. I started sewing around 10 years old, in a home that was rich with the tradition. My grandmother was a tailor from Germany, and taught me a lot about sewing garments. I’ve sewn my whole life long. and about 5 years ago, got back into quilting in a big way.


better bags
made from the best materials
Stand out in a me-too world with a Karlotta. Individually handmade and uniquely prized, a Karlotta is the perfect expression of the most important accessory. Beginning with fabrics selected with an artist’s eye to color, contrast and pattern, each Karlotta is hand-pieced, formed, and sewn to create a handbag both stunning and functional.


love this
i love what i do
I love to research patterns, to seek designs that are proven, to compare other artists’ interpretations, their selection of materials and colors. And I love to task myself with improving all of that in my own style.

I love the process of getting a pattern ready, of creating the templates and reviewing the instructions. My mind is racing at this point to the piece’s completion and the challenges (and there are always some!) the design presents and how to meet them.

I love matching materials and patterns, applying my ‘eye’ to the overall statement the bag will make, while offering the owner the most options to combine with clothing. I see the bag off a shoulder, or clutched, or swung in step from the hand. I imagine it in different light, with both common and valuable possessions inside. I picture it at home in someone’s life.

I love the challenge of producing the piece, of the precision and concentration demanded, both of which I find somehow relaxing and satisfying!

I love clients’ reactions to the finished piece! It’s a feeling like ‘winning’…and it never gets old!

infinite possibilities
hand made
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